Macro Nutrient Schedules

♨ NUTRITION TARGETS - CARB 47%, FAT 31%, PROTEIN 22% (CTL20-70, IF .70-.80, TSS 60-150) Ⓑ

low to moderate weekly volume, moderate intensity training and daily volume.


Listed above is todays breakdown of macro nutrient targets for your total caloric intake. Apply these percentages to your daily food intake based on your activity level and training. These targets are based on your plans continuous training load (CTL), daily training intensity factor (IF) and training stress (TSS) set by your Tristar Athletes Coach and are being used to determine this matrix in conjunctions with your nutrition goals.

This mix is based on moderate weekly training levels. It assumes a moderate training volume for the day and or week. Total weekly training of less than 10 hours in the week and or ~1.0-2.0 hours of training in the day. Total intensity may range from steady to moderate.
— Tristar Athletes Nutrition

Nutrition Plan Coaching