Athlete Bio

George "crank arm" Ferris- athlete bio

Athlete Bio

Age: M50-54

Geography: Tristar Athletes Southeast

Current country and state: USA, Washington DC. Born in Australia, live in the Washington DC area in Maryland, have lived in France in Malaysia for significant parts of my life also

Fun fact: First, I am originally from Australia. I came to the US with the objective of studying for two years and then working for two years and I’ve been here now for 26 years.

Second, I’ve discovered that I’m very much motivated by specific targets in my triathlon training. Without a tough but achievable goal on the horizon, I find my motivation wanes

What are your goals?: For many years, I had an objective of completing a full IM in less than 12 hours. I finally achieved that in my 7th attempt. Now I’m looking for a new goal. I think it will be to complete 12 fulls and then try to race Kona.

races are you currently signed up for?: I have on my calendar currently the Full IM in Florida in November 2019 and the the half IM in Oceanside in April 2020


  • Trains with power and a wahoo kicrk

  • Recently PR’d the half distance at Atlantic City 70.3.

  • AWA athlete

  • Very strong on the bike and over the past two seasons has dramatically improved his total fitness levels (aerobic capacity).

  • Improved decoupling in his run training through careful training and planning with his Coach.

  • favorite training, camp or racing memory: Cliff put me in touch with The Cycling House crew for a late winter cycle camp. I have now done two of those trips and they are fantastic. Can highly recommend them

  • ELITE team member.

“Training plan-for success” - George’s recent fire power for racing

Custom training plan + advanced education to support this athletes races, training and goals.