Coaching Bio, level I

Megan Tobin, TSA Level I Coach

 Coaching Bio


Megan Tobin is a coach, a Tristar triathlete and open water swimmer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Megan’s always been an athlete; swimming, playing basketball, softball and field hockey in high school, and playing field hockey at a collegiate and national level. After devoting several years to building  a career in technology marketing as well as a family, she discovered triathlon through her colleagues.

What started as a way to get back in shape 10 years ago became a passion for multisport, self care and, perhaps surprisingly, bringing balance back into her life.

“People often prioritize work and family over taking care of themselves- physically and emotionally. Triathlon forced me to take time to work on myself, improve myself, and the benefits have spilled over into all areas of my life. I’m a happier person and a better mother.” 

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Megan truly agrees with Ironman’s statement that Anything Is Possible - with proper coaching and training. Balancing work, family and training can be hard, and Megan knows how to help balance all these priorities - Persistence, diligence and a good amount of flexibility.

“Everyone’s looking for a hack, but real rewards come from real hard work. Do things outside of your comfort zone, put in the work and make your dreams happen. I can’t wait to see what I can do next in this sport, and I’m just as excited to be able to share that with others.
— Megan Tobin

Career COACHING Highlights

Upcoming races:

Ironman Florida

Ironman Ireland Cork

 Ironman Texas

Ironman Santa Cruz 70.3

Ironman Coeur d’Alene 70.3

Ironman Victoria 70.3 - 2017, 2018

Toughman Arizona - 2nd AG

Bayshore 70.4

Door County 70.3

New York City Triathlon

Cleveland Triathlon

USAT Age Group National Championship Qualifier

Open Water Swimming:

Upcoming: Alcatraz Invitational

Pier to Pier Open Water Swim

La Jolla 10 Mile Swim Relay


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