Stretching, no equipment, Egoscue

EGOSCUE - Wall Quad Stretch

How to Perform this E-cise™:

  1. Kneel down facing away from the wall

  2. Place the top one foot up on the wall with the same knee on the ground as close to the wall as is comfortable

    • You may want to place a cushion or blanket on the floor under your knee for comfort

  3. Step forward into a lunge position with the other foot keeping the forward knee directly over the ankle and your foot pointed straight ahead 

    • You will feel a stretch on the front of the thigh that is on the wall

    • Moving the knee of the foot that is on the wall farther away from the wall will decrease the stretch and moving the knee closer to the wall will increase it

    • The stretch should be comfortable, not painful

  4. Place your hands on the front knee and push your upper body back toward the wall

    • Relax your shoulders and breathe

  5. Hold as directed on your menu, then switch sides and repeat