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Ironman Florida coaching and training planning


We want you to set a personal record on this course, or if its your first finish in the best possible time. We LOVE the Florida spectator vibe on this run course and in general great weather conditions. (..Not always!) The Tristar plan calls for big ring riding, trainer specific workouts that sync with your device and run workouts with pace specific and ♥ rate targets. Get dialed in with your coach and plan. — Haluk Sarci, TSA Level II Coach

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Ironman Cozumel Training Plan

What our coaches say about this course

A quick swim and quick bike but you will have some conditions to contend with. HOT and windy.. still the flat course does lend itself to faster times if you are well prepared. Our Tristar plan features key bike and run sessions designed to simulate the Cozumel course conditions and demands. Athletes as part of this plan will receive a power course race file they can train and practice with either outdoors or indoors on their smart trainer. Sign up for our nutrition and hydration plan to be Raceday ready. —Cliff Scherb, TSA III Coach