Nutrition Plan Resources

Recovery Foods and timing

At Tristar Athletes we believe in the most minimally processed foods when it comes to recovery. Healthy, fresh, and organic foods are the best things to put back Into your body. Below find the timing and suggestion of foods you should target post workout.

Post easy workout session

-Fruit, mostly low glycemic in nature. ~30-50g. Longer sessions lasting more than three hours the total grams may go up to 150g for example.

-Lean protein such as cottage cheese, lean turkey meats, protein bars. Watch how much fat is in your protein bars!)

-Try to go low on good fats at this time. (example, almond butter or avocado)

-Choose 70% carbohydrate 30% protein. Or 70% carbohydrate with 15% protein and 15% fat.

-Try to target 8-20oz of water.

-Slow burning carbs are a good idea for easy sessions post workout with faster acting carbs. Learn more about carbohydrates here.

-Smoothies are often a great way to add fruit, proteins (example protein powder whey) and greens such as matcha and spirulina.

Post Hard workout session

-Go for fruit juices that are higher in natural sugars. Example would be Naked Greens juice. High in calories and loaded with green goodness. Note very hard deep and longer track or bike sessions “sugar” is ok! Try to make it natural as you can and most minimally processed as well.

-Try to target 80% carbohydrate to 100% carbohydrate. Protein can make up to 20% of this recovery meal / snack.

-The goal should be to replenish glycogen stored in the muscles. Usually sessions with an RPE of 5 or more (HR zones 3+ and Power / pace zones 2+ are most carbohydrate intensive.) This means many of the sessions you will do will require some amount of carbohydrate repletion.

-Try to target 20-30oz of water.