Athlete Bio

Sebastien "Endurance Royalty" Sasseville - athlete bio

Athlete Bio

Age: M40-44

Geography: Tristar Athletes Canada

Country and state: Canada, Quebec

Fun facts: Sebastien is one of the most accomplished endurance athletes on this planet. In 2012 he successfully climbed Mount Everest and in 2014 he ran across Canada. No slouch on the triathlon circuit, Sebastien has had several low 10hr Ironman races and is a top age group contender. Impressed? He also has Type I diabetes as if the event challenges he takes on were not enough!

Bio, goals and races, tactics: Seb has been getting back into top form after taking a season off in 2017. 2018 was a rebuilding year and this year building up to Ironman Mont Tremblant and Florida in the fall.

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  • Sebastien has setup a plan and dynamic for training that has allowed him to train hard and recover hard. This means being schedule flexible with his Coach Cliff to set the rest and training days.

  • For Seb’s pacing this year we have been incorporating “wind sheer” and “draft legal” riding concepts to enhance his splits and run times.

  • Winter training camps have been carefully inserted into his training blocks to help boost fitness when he needs its most.

  • Trains with a Wahoo Kicrk/Zwift setup for maximum power and controlled resting. (Perfect for the Canadian winter months!)

  • The key to going long for his triathlon goals is a strong bike and especially at the Ironman distance - Seb has had quite a few of those special timed and placed Ironman bike rides!

  • ELITE Tristar Athletes team member.

“Training plan-for success” - Coaching Sebastien

Custom training plan + advanced education to support this athletes races, training and goals.