upper back

Stretching, no equipment, Egoscue

EGOSCUE - Spinal Floor Twist

How to Perform this E-cise™

  1. Lie on one side in the fetal position with your arms straight out from your shoulders in front of you.

  2. Stack your knees one directly atop the other, where they should remain throughout the e-cise.

  3. Open the top arm, lifting it up and over your body to the other side letting it rest to the floor or as close to the floor as you are able.

  4. Move your head to look in the same direction as that arm.

    • Do NOT let your knees come apart while moving the arm to the other side.

    • Use your bottom hand to hold your knees together and keep them stacked on top of one another.

    • Remember to breathe.

    • Allow your body to open up.

  5. Hold as directed on your menu.

  6. Switch sides and repeat.