Strength, no equipment

Single Leg Deadlift - hip and glute strength

NOTE: This may be done with our without weights. If you are not able to have dumbbells, or kettlebell, you may use any object of similar size and weight. 2-10lbs. Place one kettlebell on a stool approximately six to twelve inches high. Stand in front and slightly under the stool with the feet a couple of inches apart. Begin a single leg hip hinge by reaching back with one leg and creating a straight line.

Grasp the kettlebell firmly making sure that the shoulder girdle is depresses and retracted. Keep the spine perfectly aligned by engaging the lats and push the static foot into the ground with the big toe and heel. Slowly hip hinge and stand back up with straight arms as the kettlebell move to the sides and the feet come together.

Return the kettlebell to the bottom of the stool by reversing the movement. Repeat this movement for the desired repetitions and then change legs.