Strength, no equipment, Ⓐ Level A Athletes

Bicep Curls

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Without equipment

“Towel Curl”

Start: Fold a large bath towel lengthwise a few times and hold it at either end, your palms facing each other, as you stand with your back against a wall. Move your feet out about a foot in front of you, and place one of them in the middle of the towel (at the bottom of the U that the towel makes as you hold it). Start with both knees slightly bent.

Finish: With your arms straight down, curl your fists upward toward your shoulders while using your foot to resist the movement. Keep your upper arms still and against your body so all the pulling power comes from your elbow joints. Pause at the top, using your arms to resist your leg’s attempt to push the towel back down to the floor. Return to the starting position.

Self Resisted Bicep Curls

Start: Stand with your knees slightly bent and your abs tucked in, your nondominant arm down at your side with your palm facing forward. Put your opposite palm over your wrist.
Finish: Make a fist with your working hand and execute a biceps curl with that arm while resisting it with the other. Shift the resistance on the way so your palm pushes the working arm down. Return to the starting position. Finish your set, then repeat, with the other arm doing the work.