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Olympic Race Report - Tristar Athletes Doug Lodmill

Doug, congrats on the race this weekend : ).  Please find my thoughts below in line to yours in bold. ~Cliff

You got it!


Race report

Pre race-  felt extremely relaxed and enjoying the mood with friends.  Air was poor due to smoke from fires.  This smoke impacted my run performance..the wildfires have been intense... .  Did not notice this on the bike.   I had breakfast at 4:20 am for my 7 am race.  Breakfast consisted of toast/banana/latte.  88 carbs with a dose of 5.8 units of Humalog.  Blood sugar peaked at 5:36 am at 205 and then came down....not bad.  Might want to time your bolus a bit sooner for next time.  That size dose does take some time to get rolling. FIASP is the only insulin that you can really dose 5-10min prior to a meal especially when tapered like that.  I started my .25 basal at 6:08 am.  I ended up having 18 grams of carb prior to my swim as I could not find my Omnipod PDM in my bag to deliver the last minute bolus.  I left transition with a last reading of about 140 w/ downward trend....not bad!  Good BG's here..! Not finding the PDM was a crusher but you still raced well.  Without that insulin you would not be able to eat on the bike!!



Deep water start.  Got out to the start line with two minutes to spare so I was a little amped for the race.  You could not see on the water due to the smog/smoke on the water.   The water was warm and felt great.  Swim was a rectangular race starting with a quick end, a long leg out, another quick end, and then a long leg home.  Buoys could not be seen (not many on the race course anyway) so there was no bearing on how straight one was swimming.  I forgot to put my nose clip on for the first end of the swim beginning.  I realized this after the first leg and put it on.  (note:  I wear the clip to reduce the amount of runny nose/reaction from the water than I do for swim performance).  Tried to maintain good posture, relax and have fun.  I was able to gain a little draft early in the swim but not able to hook on a good train after that.  Need work in this area. ......good work.  Relaxed and the attitude of "have fun" always produces the best splits and blood sugars.  Key to racing faster in the future will be finding a good pair of feet to draft off of.



OK transition.  Struggled a touch with getting my shoes on.  100 yard run from swim exit to bike corral.   Bike ride began pretty cold so I tried to spin early to get the engine warmed up.  Overall bike I tried to be more aggressive when I was presented a choice of maintaining or pushing.  More hills than expected.  I was pretty aggressive with the hills with one exception.  Shortly after turning point we had the steepest/longest climb.  I dialed it back in this climb trying to save a little for later......smart and strategic decision. Just like we talk about on our pre race call!   I felt good on the bike and did not consume any food on the entire ride.  I did not check my dex until I was moving it from my top tube bag into my rear tri suit pocket.  At this time I saw that my blood sugar was 162 and trending up......a couple things - #1 The only reason you were able to not go low was that you A. did not have the pre swim shot and #2. The effort on the bike was at or very close to threshold for periods of time....  This was when I had less than a mile left in the bike.  I had about half of my water bottle on the ride 12 ounces of fluid.....need to work on getting in more than this....  I had 25 grams of carbo pro in the bottle so I think I got about half of that carb on the bike....so you did eat on the bike?!  I did have a moment of a cramp and did take two capsules of salt stick on the bike..... excellent, believe the cramping was due more so to lack of fluids at that particular juncture...



Transition was not optimized as I struggled with cold hands getting off the bike.  They felt like mittens and had no dexterity with helping get my shoes on....brrrrrrrr!.....  Beginning of run felt ok as I struggled with getting my legs underneath me.  I was not prepared in the amount of up/down that was on the run.  After the first 1.75 miles, I felt better and was operating pretty well.  I was out at a 7:50’ish pace for the first two miles.  I struggled with my lungs on the run which caused me to stop and walk through the rest stops.  I did consume water at three or four aid stations...thats a good amount of water to get in on the run and helpful since you missed some on the bike.  I forgot to turn my watch off after the run so there was 3 to 4 more minutes before I stopped it.  Overall, I finished 4th in my AG and 47th overall.  ...........good stuff!  Way to warm up and turn the afterburners on!!  Congrats on the placement and effort!



Swim:  30:45

T1:  2:36

Bike:  1:11:06

T2:  1:47

Run:  49:36

Total:  2:35:51


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