Coaching Bio, level I

Kate Bruck, TSA Level I Coach, Professional Triathlete


Coaching bio and career highlights


Kate Bruck is a professional triathlete and life-long competitor.  Starting at the age of 7, Kate found success early in the swimming and track and field world, earning a 3rd place national title at the US junior Olympics in track and field.  After considering a spot to swim division 1 collegiate, Kate chose to take time off to focus on studies, and was back at competing shortly after college.  After two marathons, Kate qualified for and raced Boston and then set her sights on a childhood dream of racing an Ironman.  Completing two Ironmans that left her nutritionally perplexed and underprepared fitness-wise, Kate sought out some coaching direction and quickly fell under the tutelage of Tristar athletes coaching and rose to success as a result.  Kate chose to leave the corporate world, begin a successful career as a personal trainer and focused on rising to top age-group status in the triathlon world.  Qualifying twice for the Ironman World Championships in one year, Kate raced Kona where she placed 10th in her age group and set the goal to earn her license to race professionally, which she earned at her first goal race of the 2012 season.  Kate brings to the Tristar Athletes coaching team her strong knowledge of training and race-day nutrition especially for the plant-based athlete and the benefit of strength training to improve performance and endurance.

Hello Tristar Athletes! I am excited and honored to be part of the coaching team of this fantastic group!
— Kate Bruck

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