Athlete evaluation

Coaching evaluations form

Athletes Name *
Athletes Name
Coach name *
Coach name
Coaching evaluation - new athlete or current Tristar Athlete for season planning purposes.
Additional background information on this athlete evaluation as context towards preparations and planning
Fitness levels
What is the highest continuous training load achieved? AKA fitness level.
What is the current athletes aim or goal athlete they "want" to be. You may also enter in a goal CTL or peak number of weekly training hours.
Raise CTL (More training time or volume), time CTL better within the season, lower CTL for more freshness etc.
Training Consistency *
Briefly describe the athletes consistency of training and racing
Swim evaluation
Description of the athletes current abilities
Plan of action? Drills? Masters? Intensity? Volume? Experience in open water?
FTP & Thresholds
individual thresholds and how they compare by sport
Swim FTP
Bike FTP
Run FTP *
Functional Threshold Pace to run an all out evenly split for 30minutes. Ex: 8:45/mi
"Spend more quality intervals below and above FTP power on the bike", ....."Take a portion of the off season to dedicate to running improvement and speed."
Strength Training
How regularly is this athlete conducting strength and or strength and stretching.
Coaching recommendations for this athletes improvements.
Current nutrition regimen *
Which statement/s best describes this athletes nutrition
Does your athlete need a separate nutrition consultation?
Describe how you would prepare your athletes nutrition and or changes you would make to the diet.
Heart rate
Select which statement best fits this athlete
What suggestions and or changes would you make to this athletes training based on their data and current fitness levels?
Coaching *
Has this athlete worked with a coach before?
What changes to coaching would you make based on this athletes previous experiences.