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How to keep in touch


Whether its sending up a smoke signal or calling the “bat phone" …..the best way to communicate with your TriStar coach goes something like this : ) ........We recognize not everyone emails, texts, makes phone or Skype calls the same way or frequency.  We try our best at TriStar to communicate the way you like it best and we ask a few considerations to make sure your coaching experience is 110% awesome.


  • Best for daily information on how your workouts went or any information specific to a session should be in the comments section of your workout.  This provides added context to how things went beyond the data.  The training peaks health log is also fantastic in keeping tabs on how you are feeling for the day (example sleep, hydration and stress levels)  (…Response time ~1-7 days)


  • This is one of the best ways to communicate for us coaches for more specific questions. Go ahead and create a running email with questions and then send it off when you collect a bunch of them. Email is generally unlimited  and best for global comments about how things are going; info about nutrition, fatigue life in general ; )  (…Response time ~1-3 days)


  • These can be scheduled from your coaches bio page.  Individual coaches maintain their own calendar for consultations.  "A" level athletes can speak weekly or daily as they need. “B" level twice monthly, and “C" once per month.  Calls for “special circumstances i.e. special event or other life events that effect training do not count towards this : )   (…Response time ~1-3 days)
  • Person to person or video FaceTime meetings are great so the coach can see your “face” and know how you are feeling.  This way little is lost as is the case in other forms of communication.  (…Response time ~1-5 days)


  • Person to person FaceTime meetings are great so the coach can see your “face” and know how you are feeling.  This way little is lost as is the case in other forms of communication.  Please book through our Tristar coaches individual 1x1 coaching calendars on their bio page. (…Response time ~1-5 days)


  • Used for immediate, short and quick responses but restricted please to the following scenario types.
  • “Coach I won my age group!"
  • “Coach, I wont be racing on Saturday…."
  • “Coach, I might have an injury? 
  • For workout specific questions its better if you can look at your plan first and see what questions you have. If you are confused and or need our help we may not be able to respond in time, and that stinks.   (…Response time ~Seconds -1 day)
  • Text can be read in many ways and is sometimes a very poor form of communication.  Feel free to use emoji’s and pictures… if its hard to convey what you are trying to describe - make a call!  Or deliver an audio file : )


  • Our coaches like to use evernote with you (Free app) as a collaborating space where your coach will share data with you.  You can share races and also send messages with notes, audio files, and pictures. This creates a running season note that both coach and athelte can refer to.  (…Response time ~1-3 days)