Coaching Bio

Rick Kleindienst

Rick Finish Line 2 LP.jpg

Rick Kleindienst an active triathlete, ½ and ultra-marathon runner knows how to prepare you to reach your goals and fitness levels. He has been competing in the triathlons for the past 3 years and running for over the 20 years. Rick coaches athletes for triathlons, running and strength training. 

The balance one needs to have between life, work and family while training can be challenging. Rick can work with you and utilize tools that have been beneficial in finding that balance and maintaining it. Also, Rick is a big advocate of a well-rounded and proper nutritional plan. He can provide guidelines for you to follow as you are starting out and ramping up training to meet your goal, whether short or long distance. 

Triathlons can be intimidating to some degree. Rick will provide you guidance, support, mentorship, coaching and compassion towards your individual needs and goals. Not every time you train will be perfect, listening to how your body feels is important to stay fresh and injury free. This requires a shift in mindset and being fine with missing a training session, as rest provides the athlete with growth and recovery. 

Rick is looking forward to working with you and keeping your best interests while tailoring your training and needs. “Communication between the athlete and coach is important”.

I will work to set up times that meet your schedule and be available to answer your questions, comments and/or your concerns. I am excited to start the process of becoming a coach and helping others reach their goals. My motivation, drive, and goal setting will help you as a first-time athlete to strive and reach your potential”. 
— Rick Kleindienst


Past events:

14 ½ marathons 2017

5 Olympic Triathlons 2017

3 Sprint Triathlons 2017

Lake George Half Triathlon 2017

Ironman Florida 70.3

Ironman Eagleman 70.3

Ironman Lake Placid 

King George (Olympic/Half)


Future events:

Ironman Atlantic City 70.3