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One to one Coaching

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Custom Planning - Team Dynamic Coaching

Working with Tristar Athletes for my fourth season, every year I continue to PR. The expertise in the planning of the details has made me a better athlete beyond what I though I could do.
— Emily Grieser
Having an individualized plan to my peak event made all the difference. Meeting up on weekly live calls with my team to ask questions and talk with my coach gave me confidence in my plan.
— Kevin Williams
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Tristars Nova's

"New stars" to endurance sports, be not intimidated.We can guide you to the best you can be.

Tristar Athletes represents the fastest growing group of intelligently trained athletes and coaches. With less training time our athletes are going faster, farther than ever before. Our training methodologies, realtime coaching and leverage of training data is beating the competition.
— Cliff Scherb, Principal Coach


Become a Tristar Athletes Certified Coach

Tristar apprenticeship program with our Principal coaches. Learn how to become a top level endurance coach.

2019 Tristar Athletes Team races

Race with Tristar Athletes in 2019 at the following courses where our athletes work together as a team and support one another on raceday.  If you are looking for a group of great athletes join us!


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